Thursday, November 19, 2020

Muley Reads: Stella Brings the Family

Just as Muley and Friends celebrate the differences between themselves, we celebrate the differences between people and differences.  

Here's Julia Hicks from First Congo letting Muley invite folks to a Muley Reads session at the Congo's Website.

Stella Brings the Family is a fun book about Stella who chooses who to bring from her family for a Mother's Day Party at her school.

What is your family like?  What about your friends' family?  Are there pets in either family?

Muley has a fun way to describe families as he prepares to read: Stella Brings the Family!

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Music is Crazy Chicken by David Fesliyan.

Muley Reads is a series of videos starring Muley the Mule reading some of his favorite books - and we hope some of yours - wishing to inspire a love of reading, learning, imagining, and creation in children of all ages!  And, as always, we love the books that communicate about people, animals, environment, love, and friendship.  Some of Muley's special friends may even pop in to request a book.

"Reading is fundamental!"  Books add the fun, Muley adds "da mental!"

Grab your family together, grab a snack or two, and sit back to relax while Muley Reads!!

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