Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When Dinosaurs Ruled...the...Bible...

There are always great ways to participate with sharing the great stories of the Bible, and Andrew Chandler has created a bit of a hilarious time-warp in having his own Moth and Ethan work though a period of time in which  Noah is loading his ark and getting ready for the big flood.

But, the funny thing about comic strips is that those time-warps just keep on happening!

Muley the Mule and Missy Mule make a surprise visit during the one year celebration of the comic strip's online presence, and I hope you'll get over there and visit our dinosaur friends.  Click here to go see what kind of trouble those two have caused.

And stick around here, too, because I think Roy Duck will have some cool news to share before too long about his pal Andrew. 

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