Friday, April 26, 2013

Post Audition Update - The Muley and Friends Show

Keep an eye out soon for a new website to be announced for just the show; in the meantime, here are some photos of the days' eventful auditions where we had the chance to meet many cool, talented people!

The entrance to the audition hall, followed by a
check-in table.

Walk this way!
STOP! These are your next updates about what
you will be doing next.

Large copies of the script for studying the roles of Human or Puppeteer.
(Still not sure why "puppeteer" isn't considered "human"?)

Cue card, camera: View of the auditioning participant.

A boom mike over your head to pick up what your saying.
Never chew gum during an audition with this boom at loom
over your head--it gets picked up.

Auditions happened in front of this curtain.  You can see the
puppeteer stools here.

Wide shot of the audition hall.

Another view with Muley and Gang waiting to begin.

Several hours later, we're exhausted!

The cast waits for more participants.

Jason Negen and Martheus Wade guard the critters...

Andrew Chandler listens in on a conversation,
while Roy Duck does not (apparently, ducks
don't have ears...)

Production Manager Brad Alsobrook discussing
the magic and wonders of bacon...

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