Monday, February 4, 2013

You Are Greater Than You Think!

From time-to-time, we all need a little reminder of who we are and what our value on this planet is.  I recall seeing a homeless person recently, really drunk and staggering, falling around.  It was evident that this man would end up hurting himself so contact was made to have him stop in one place and a call to the local police department who would have a better chance to help him get somewhere safe, warm, and maybe even medical attention.  The curious part of this was wondering what in life put him where he is now?  Was it lack of job, or an eager gambling problem? Lack of interest in his own life, or that from others?  Did his family try to help him and just give up because he wouldn't help himself, or did he even have family after folks finally just passed away around him?  There were just too many things to guess at and factor into his story without actually being told, by him, what his story is.

And, sometimes it's a matter of being loved, knowing someone around you cares--whether you know them or not.  Validation and appreciation is an important thing!  It makes us work harder, try harder, help harder, and be the very best we can be.  At that point, we become an inspiration to someone else--maybe even the person who inspired us to be better at what we do or who we are.  It can be a vicious cycle; but, the best cycle to revolve within.

So, our reminder to you, and a reminder that you can share with others, is that YOU ARE GREATER THAN YOU THINK!  To someone, you are important.  To us, you are important.  And as our flagship character would say, "Muley loves ya!"


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