Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mule TV? What would you watch?

So, let's say there's a Muley the Mule and Friends television show.  What would you watch?

Education for the kids that grown-ups can get into and watch with them? 
Sitcom style program? 
Variety/skit vignettes? 
Different episodes that might mix all of these or focus on a different theme per episode? 
Or, maybe something different?

What's your thoughts and ideas?  After all, we'll be doing this for you!  Discuss in the comments below, or visit us on facebook:  Muley the Mule or Kevin L. Williams.

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Joseph Scarbrough said...

Are you working on a Muley TV show Kev? Interesting coincidence, because I am, once again, pursuing bringing Steve D'Monster to television again this year: presently, a local establishment may allow me to do four half hour episodes for review. I kind of plan on having it sort of a vignetted kind of series: just a bunch of different short stories within the half hour, maybe you could do something like that with Muley the gang.

I'd be interested in seeing anything, but educational puppet shows are plentiful, so I think maybe you might want to avoid that kind of format... but I'm sure anything you do with Muley and all his cohorts will be great!