Thursday, July 19, 2012

Muley Kids' Message - July 15, 2012

Sunday, July 15th, found Pastor Cheryl discussing Jeremiah 18:1-11.  Go look it up. 

Muley's message that day was what do we do when we find outselves broken?  We have an option, we can do what we want at that point and let it happen and stay that way, or we can work with God to mend us and make us better.

"If he can make it, he can break it," was Muley's reference to God that, if he can create everything for mankind and yet mankind can't respect God and trust in him and show his worship to him, God can remove it.  Like the clay in a potter's hand, if the pot gets messed up, it can be reshaped and remolded and made anew into something even more beautiful than before, and that can also be us--stay broken, or let God mold us into something better than before.

So, Muley showed an example that, while drawing a barn, he sneezed and the artwork got all messed up, and he had an option: accept that and let it go...

...Or draw it over, and this time he was able to make it better--even with colors. 

Never settle for being second best, never settle on anything that is broken and undone.  You can do better for yourself and, when you feel you're at your worst, you can let God come in and help reshape everything.  Trust, respect, and love is what God asks for and, when the time is right, he'll make good things happen!

Oh, and during the middle of the message, Muley had to look behind the stage at his "helper" and say, "Dude!  Keep up man, and stop losing your place in the script!"  Yeah, performing a puppet and having him work with props made his helper lose his place in the script.  "Yep, it's all live, folks!" he said to the laughing crowd.

July 29th you can find Muley at First Congo at the Ice Cream Social.  You can read more by clicking here.

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Photography by DaMarco Randle.

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