Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Cast on Family Guy


The depth of the snowfall this morning can be seen on the roof of my neighbor's house.

Well, in 9 days the cast comes off!! Two months having been stripped of my art and puppetry has been too much. I apprciate all the prayers and need many more because even when the cast is gone I will have a ton of healing left to do.
In June, at Screaming Tiki Con, there is going to be (not only a Jetta Look-a-like conest, but) a Muley the Mule and Friends live stage performance. It will co-star Martheus and Janet Wade and debut a bunch of new characters never performed anywhere, plus a special first-ever live appearance by Santa Fish.
All this to say that I need some quick healing before then and I hope it happens.
So, on the 17th the cast comes off. I'll have my sketchbook with me when I go to have the cast removed so I can do a good right-handed drawing!! I've drawn a left-handed Muley, and a right-handed Muley while wearing the cast. It'll be nice to draw right-handed, however weak my hand may be. I don't know how many folks have been stripped of doing something you loved doing, but the past two months have been heck not being able to be creative. I hope no one has to suffer such a thing as this.
In the meantime, my roomie, DaMarco painted his favorite character from The Family Guy, Stewie Griffin, on my cast.

The original drawing and Photoshopping I did had an earthly background, but needed to more otherworldly. Zeke is from the novels Westworld by our friend Ed Crandell.

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