Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lotsa Things


No, I didn't watch the tape. Well, not all of it, but the cast comes off in seven days!! I cannot wait to draw again!


A group has tried to accuse Abby Cadaver...uh, Cadabby...of being evil for practicing magic. I mean, she is a fairy from fairy tale school. I didn't see anything about Mickey Mouse being evil, after all he is the sorcerer's apprentice. Smurfs made from magic and whose patriarch is a magician, or even David Copperfield. What about all those characters being magical? Evil? Sometimes humans are ridiculous. Click on Evil Abby to read more.


Everyone knows that I love chocolate! The more rich and dark it is the better, especially when they are chips in a cookie! YUM! That's why I get sick when I see it abused, like being painted on a face. Still, click the image and read about chocolate facials and GOOD uses for chocolate.


One of my favorite Muppeteers has put down the puppets and picked up his guitar to record his own first cd not in character voices, backed in some songs by his fellow performers. It is available online for purchase by clicking on the cd image below, painted by his wife Jan. The music is folkish and wonderful, smooth and comfortable. I recommend it.

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