Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mid-January Updates

A 6.-something aftershock later, Haiti REALLY needs our help. You can find accredited charitiesat the website of the Better Business Bureau. Presently, we want to focus on a charity that the Muppets appreciate (benefitting them withy the live Muppet Show during 2001's MuppetFest): Save The Children. Donate to them by clicking on the "Help Haiti" banner below.

Please also, listen to your heart and use your brain; don't listen to false prophets like Pat Robertson who says the Haitians don't deserve our help. He is supposed to represent Christians, but is not representing any I know. I'm not even a very good person, but I am even better than he is at it. There are also the self-centered biggots like Rush Limburger...Limbaugh saying not to send help...give what you can, folks, as one of my friends wrote back in an e-mail: I hope that one day when I'm in need someone will be there to help me.

Dates and details coming up, but I (along with Martheus and Janet Wade and more) will be participating. Here, you can see my reference and my very first left-handed painting:

Screaming Tiki Con, June 2010

Speaking of my Toshigawa family, the Wades, we are going to appear at the Screaming Tiki Con in June 2010 with a LIVE Muley performance and a Jetta Look-alike Contest!!

Still broken! But, healing...YAY! Today I went from a full-arm cast to a short arm cast. It is still very painful but I was glad to be out of the long-arm cast. I cannot wait until February 17th--I'll be cast-free!!! The doctor said that the art and puppetry is my best therapy. (I need to start changing clothes more than once every two months!)
December 14th January 20th

For the Special-K Lovers:

A while back...well, here's a video with the intro about how folks made fun of a 'Curly Howard' face I made:

Well, here is the Grande Addendum created by my pal Marco, featuring him and me:

BTW: Marco is a fine arts painter focusing on abstract art. For samples of his work and quotes please contact me.

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Unknown said...

Love that picture of you two..... have been thinking of you and wonder how you broke your arm and glad to see you in a short cast and soon to be free . When my casts came off my usually red hair was black Interesting. Couldn't wait to shave...
I donated to UNICEF the next day after the quake. If I could I would donate to many others.
Love you, Dawn,
There are still roses blooming here. I understand you are having freezing rain tonight, Be safe, stay warm......