Sunday, March 28, 1999

Muley's Online Website Store

Here, you will find merchandise exclusive ONLY via the website, whether it is original comic strips, comic strip reprints, prints, or original popular culture paintings or hand-made's all here.  You can also use this as an area to contact us for commission work as well.  If there are any questions, feel free to e-mail us at putting "Muley's Online Store" in the subject line.  You can also keep in touch with us via Muley's Facebook Page.

Orders may be placed through Paypal to by clicking here.  Be sure to list the items of interest and your contact information so we can keep in touch.

To find Muley's General Store online for apparel, mugs and more, click here.

All prices listed below include shipping and handling.


The original comic strips up for grab have been featured on our website and in numerous publications over the years.  Each comic strip features the official embossing of Kevin L. Williams Productions proving its collectibility, measures approximately 17x7" and, on request, can be autographed (even personally!) by the artist.  Most original comic strips are available for $80 (very few are higher in price).  If original sketch art or doodles are available, we will send that as well.

If you've seen a comic strip that you are interested in, please let us know which one it is and we'll make it available...if the original strip is no longer available, then at least by:


These highly sought-after, full-color reprints of strips are available on cardstock in two sizes: 
17" x 11"  $35
11" x 8.5"  $20


There are also the prints available that feature Muley and the gang...well, mostly Muley.  One of our most popular prints is the "There is no Dana, only Mule!" based on one of our favorite movies.  There are plenty of others including SuperMule and more!  The prints are made on cardstock in two sizes:
17" x 11" $35
11" x 8.5" $20


As a hobby, we love making original paintings of popular culture characters and have also made them available for purchase.  Each one is a different price (found in the caption beneath the painting including the size), usually painted in acrylic on canvas or canvas-board.

Prints of the paintings are also available: 8.5" x 11" $20


Our puppets are hand-made, sometimes on the machine, and designed by us.  These are high-quality collectibles and can be used for shows or television if you so desire.  Each one is priced differently depending on the character and the heights.  We'll have full details of the puppets in the caption beneath them, maybe sometimes with a story of their creation.


See something you like, but want something different?  Need a mascot created?  Need a puppet designed a certain way?  Perhaps you want a drawing in your sketchbook and want to know how to get that done if you're not coming to visit with us at a convention?  Worry no more!  Drop us an e-mail and let us know what you're interested in, and we'll make it happen.  All original art, designs, puppets, costumes, paintings...whatever your need is, we can supply.  Let us hear from you:
Kevin L. Williams Productions
P.O. Box 770397
Memphis, TN 38177-0397

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