Monday, March 29, 1999

Meet the Cast of Muley's Comix and Stories

Muley's Comix and Stories (or the long version, Muley the Mule and Friends' Comix and Stories) feature comic strip and short comic book pages featuring the following nine characters more than any other of our cast, so we thought it prudent to share these bios with you so you can learn a little more about them.

Also, these nine characters appear in live action "Muley and Friends" puppet shows.
Muley the Mule

(Performed by Kevin L. Williams)
Buford the Dog
(Performed by Martheus Wade)
Roy Duck
(Performed by Andrew Chandler)
Missy Mule
(Performed by Janet Wade)
Pascha Dog
Bernetta Duck
Calvin Cow
Hector Horse
Dexter Donkey
Coming soon:
Papa Roy, Granny Ethel, Kevin Williams,
Kevin and Michelle Rhea (the Twins)
Monta Mitchum, Freda Denit

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