Sunday, December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas 2023

 The world is in tumult all the way around.  There's nothing we could beg for harder than to find ourselves in a time of peace.  My biggest concern is that kids today have only ever grown up in a world where there has been war and death, and peace has not been consistent at all, if ever.  Even in our own hometown, we're dealing with the us vs. them, or the good vs. bad, or the issues of death rising.

Where is hope?  I always try to leave a message of hope somewhere, even on days that it's hard to find.  But, hope is in the little people around us - the kids.  What can we instill in them to change the future?

We must teach the children that the only correct things to do are the things that are done in love, compassion, sharing, friendliness, and care that we want for them.  Anything else is not worth doing.

What we should definitely teach the is that peace, love, joy, and hope are the foundations of what we should do - taught by us doing - and that we should all call for peace constantly until we get it.

And with that, we wish for

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