Sunday, June 26, 2022

Muley Reads: Bronto the Dinosaur

 In this edition of Muley Reads, join Muley for Bronto the Dinosaur!  It's a rare, old book but still fun and full of adventure!  It's not available any longer, so you have to do a shopping search to find it nowadays.

Published in 1967, this book was expected to be a childhood favorite as interest in prehistoric reptiles never end.  "The plot of the story leads to suspense as Bronto shows his alertness and bravery by saving his mother from their enemy the Allosaurus."  Based on what scientists thought about dinosaurs at the time, including how they may have lived in prehistoric times, children could learn technical terms like "Brontosaurus" and "Allosaurus," developing a meaningful scientific vocabulary.

We added some sound effects that might be a little spooky, but also some for fun!

Join now as Muley Reads: Bronto the Dinosaur:

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Muley the Mule assisted by Kevin L. Williams Music is Crazy Chicken by David Fesliyan, DONATE. Muley Reads is a series of videos starring Muley the Mule reading some of his favorite books - and we hope some of yours - wishing to inspire a love of reading, learning, imagining, and creation in children of all ages! And, as always, we love the books that communicate about people, animals, environment, love, and friendship. Some of Muley's special friends may even pop in to request a book. "Reading is fundamental!" Books add the fun, Muley adds "da mental!" Grab your family together, grab a snack or two, and sit back to relax while Muley Reads!!

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