Monday, February 21, 2022

Muley's Kids Message: February 20, 2022

Of course, Muley is known for being a little smart aleck and so he is when discussing laws.  In this message, he's more or less decided to pick on DUMB laws from Tennessee.  This is a chance to review what rules help and what rules don't help - both exist!  

Children know when things aren't right, so make sure they know they can come to their adults for help, especially when they feel uncomfortable.  Listen to them, and guide them.

While joking about dumb laws, this particular message focuses on what Sabbath means in The Ten Commandments (the good laws) and why we're given a "law" to remember it and REST

What does rest mean to you? 
How does it help us? 
When can we rest? 
What can we do that is both fun AND restful?  

Remember, grown-ups are an example for kids to follow.  If we get our work done in 5 or 6 days, and use the one day for rest, they will learn to do the same.  Teach them how to complete chores and homework through the week so they can use the weekend to relax.  And teaching them this will remind us that it's perfectly fine to put away the electronic devices, turn off the television, grab a book, and sit on the porch with a nice iced tea; or to just sit, quietly, and breathe and think.

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Excuse the loonnnng intro: the video didn't capture Muley until just when you see him in this video.

It's always fun to get the Congo Beat every Thursday, which you can request on the website (click the image below).  This week included a photo of Muley from Sunday, as well as some cheer for DaMarco Randle!

There was some cheer for DaMarco Randle, assistant to Roy Duck, and the artwork he's been doing with AlivePaint Jamond Bullock!  You can find more of DaMarco's work at his official DamarcoArts website.

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