Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Updated Kids' Messages by Muley the Mule

Our church home is First Congregational Church, and ever so often Muley gets up to talk to the kids and the congregation about some important topic.  Usually something bible-y.

Each Sunday morning, someone shares a lesson with the kids before they go to children's church.  The other leaders are inspirational, and even the adults find something thought-provoking and interesting.  We lean on the energy of these people for our presentations.  Keith Norman, Marsha Walton, and Butch Odom are the others, and their deliveries are beautiful!

Come join us sometime and see what it's all about.  The music, the people, the message.  It's a good home to be a part of!

Below follows the kids' messages, and further down is the schedule for Kevin's turn in children's church.

There are just so many people to name for Children's Church.  It's such a great time, and the kids are brilliant and fun!

July 16:  Kevin and Muley
August 13 Kevin and Muley
September 3 Kevin and Muley
October 1 Kevin and Muley
October 29 Kevin and Muley
November 26 Kevin and Muley
December 31 (New Year's Eve) - Kevin and Muley

July 30 - Kevin Williams
September 17 - Kevin Williams
October 15 - Kevin Williams
November 19 - Kevin Williams
January 7 - Kevin Williams

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