Saturday, June 24, 2017

Muley in Black and White

There's a couple of references here, wondering if you will see them; but, I'll share below.  This has been drawn to run with a newsletter from ACME Classics TV.
If you saw our show "Millionaire Magazines" on ACME Classics, you will notice the ball thrown into Jonathan's head at the end of the show; but, also from the table when the boys are doing art there are 3 drawings, the Bug toy (what other reference does this toy make?), and their box of crayons.  And, as always, Missy Mule is stalking Muley from outside the window.

Another 'inside' joke we have in the MuleyVerse is that dogs are supposedly color blind; but, we always let Buford the Dog make references to color.  Indeed, they're watching a good old movie ACME Classics TV.

In black and white.


I was once asked why our puppet shows use old music, or why the comics or props are always "old" items.  Well, "everything old is new again," meaning that modernized telephones, televisions, radios--the designs are SO BORING!  This comic strip wouldn't have the same effect if it were a new LED Flat Screen TV.  Just another insight from our MuleyVerse!

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