Monday, June 8, 2015

Superman Celebration 2015! SuperMule returns to Metropolis!!

Everyone knows our favorite large-scale celebration in our favorite small town is Superman Celebration!!  Muley has a lot going on this year (and Kevin doing something), and now you can see what he's doing in his schedule below, or check the full schedule for everything going on because there are TONS happening.  Hopefully, you will be there!

Superman Celebration Official Page
Superman Celebration Schedule

Muley's Schedule
Friday June 12th
11am     Puppetry for Television Panel (13+) - Kevin
3:30pm  Muley and Friends' Show - Muley and Friends
4pm       Kids' Costume Contest - Muley co-hosts with Joan

Saturday June 13th
10am     Puppet Making Workshop - Kevin
1pm       Muley and Friends' Show - Muley and Friends

(June 21 is the 49th Kids' Message at First Congo, by the way!)

And here are some awesome SuperMule comic strips to get you in the mood...

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