Thursday, June 6, 2013

Muley the Mule in "The Red Mullet Movie"

We were doing some work here and started talking about one of the places where Muley has shown up in other projects. 

Well, most recently, and mentioned in an earlier post, Muley appeared in the Moth and Ethan comic strip by Andrew Chandler.

Before that, our friend Greg Cravens at Hubris Comics was kind enough to give a shout out to Muley on the sportsy website.  Be sure to give them a visit sometime if you haven't already.

But, let's back up to Andrew Chandler for a moment.  He got connected with cartoonist (and artist extraordinaire) Jay Chuppe about Chuppe's The Red Mullet.   So enraptured by this character, Andrew created (not only a costume but also) a fan film, sort of a documentary about the life of The Red Mullet.  Mostly improvisation and shot on location by us with Andrew, this fan film has arrived with much acclaim around the ... globe?  Anyway, we were happy to take part and for Muley to guest appear with The Ninja, SuperKid, and Super Soup as part of the R.C.A. (Reasonable Civilian Assembly).

You can catch Muley in the film's trailer by watching this:

To see even more Muley in "Mullet Action", you can purchase the movie by clicking here.

See you in the skies.


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