Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Southern Fried Train Wreck - Follow-Up

Hope everyone who visited and tuned in to The Southern Fried Train Wreck had fun with us!  Thanks to Tanya Vandesteeg and JoeDog!

As any good Train Wreck happens, we got derailed a good batch of the time, and I'm good at that. 

So, we talked about a possible upcoming Muley TV show (keep your eyes peeled here in case this happens), talked about his travelling shows, conventions, and things to do around town, so I'll start posting some things up here for that.

You can first find Muley on Facebook by clicking here, or find me by clicking here.
We are also always glad to promote our co-creators in comicdom:
Martheus Wade and Janet Wade (who also help the performances of Buford the Dog and Missy Mule) and DaMarco Randle (who is a sidekick of Roy Duck). 

I was proud to announce that I edit Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa, but didn't get to mention that Martheus is teaching classes at The Comic Studio at 2547 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN 38112.  You can find details at, where you can also find tutorials about working in comics.

Conventions we like to attend:
Anime Blues Con in Memphis, TN
Superman Celebration, second weekend in June, Metropolis, IL
Leland Frog Fest, Leland, MS, around Jim Henson's Birthday, September 24th
ConNooga in Chattanooga, TN
Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, Memphis, TN


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