Monday, November 5, 2012

Memphis Comics & Fantasy Convention - Nov. 2012

Guess who's flying in to the Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention to save us all? 
Yep, we're in trouble...

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It's crunch time, folks!  You don't want to miss this great event!  Entry is extremely reasonable.
Pre-sales are barely extended, but get your tickets now!

Saturday evening at 6pm, catch Muley the Mule and Friends as they reprise their roles in "SuperMule and the Cookie Caper" at this year's Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention which is fast approaching on November 9 - 11, 2012, at the Memphis Hilton hotel.  See all the guests by clicking here.

Also in attendance will be Martheus and Janet Wade of MAW Productions' "Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa" graphic novel series, also helping-hands in the "SuperMule" show, along with fine artist and fashion designer DaMarco Randle.

Martheus Wade will also be participating with the 'Geek 101' classes teaching a great cartooning class.  What will it be?  Get involved to find out!  (Don't forget the MAW Productions' course "The Comic Studio" coming soon!)  Wish you could go to Geek 101 and learn about creating from Martheus Wade?  Well, he's making the information avaialble at the MAW Productions' booth!  Come by and visit, learn, and see the new great swag.  Here's what he said:
November 9 - 11, MAW Productions will attending the Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention at the Hilton! Stop by our both in artist alley and see me explain my process for creation. The same process that I will be sharing with the students of the Comic Studio! We will also have TONS of new art for sale as well as our first print promoting our new web series Kunoichi Hime!!

As an added bonus, I will be taking place in the GEEK 101 classes! Teachers, don't miss your opportunity to sign your class up for the coolest field trip in the Mid South. "GEEK 101"! I will be holding special courses on Friday showing you how to create your very own comic book character while demonstrating the collaborative effort needed for the comic book industry!

Hope to see you guys there!!

Don't forget to arrive early for a Friday night, 8pm, viewing of "The Red Mullet" documentary, produced by Andrew Chandler, chronicling the life of an unsung superhero.  After the viewing you can meet The Red Mullet at a panel discussion featuring SuperMule (who has a cameo in the movie), and maybe a few other surprises!

You can also meet our friends in the Artists' Alley, find great pickings in the Dealer Room, and meet one of our favorite voice actors: Tom Kenny! That's right, the voice behind Spongebob Squarepants will be in attendance!

This is the third year for the convention, and each year it only gets better and better, so this promises to be a great weekend of fun and hilarity.

Haven't made your reservations yet?  Well, now you can!  Click here.
Get your tickets by clicking here.

Other Muley news that's kicking up:
Muley and Kevin attended the Southeastern Chapter of the National Cartoonists' Society's fall meeting.  It was a TON of fun!  You can see photos of the event by clicking here.

Muley's NEXT kids' message at First Congo will be November 25th!  Come out and see what all the hooplah is about. 

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