Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thumbs Up for our buddy LANE!!

We're helping honor a cool kid, Lane Goodwin!  We're posting this to urge other artists, puppeteers, actors and actresses on small screens, big screens, theater, and anybody else out there to post your image with two thumbs up!

Lane has Rhabdomyosarcoma. Last Week, Lane just got out of the hospital from his scans. So, they took Lane to eat crab legs and in the middle of Dinner he had a seizure! He was rushed back to the ER, still seizing and unresponsive! Later, he was put on a Vent to help him breathe, in which he was not breathing on his own. The seizures didn't stop, so they were going to put him in a medical coma. When, the meds arrived he stopped seizing. So, he was on 5 seizure meds at once, they took Lane for a MRI! The scan came back and the reason for the seizures was the Rhabdomyosarcoma has invaded his brain. Please pray for his comfort and peace, he doesn't have long left! So, as you may have seen most of his photos in which he is always smiling and has a thumb up. So in honor of Lane, this event is to get everyone on Facebook to take a photo of yourselves holding a thumbs up for Lane. For cancer families, I want to see your warriors with their thumbs up! Please attend, share and pray for awesome Lane! Forever Team Lane ♥

Lane Goodwin's story can be found on Facebook by clicking here.

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