Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kev's a Fan-Boy

Well, a few quick things.  I couldn't believe nobody did it yet, so I had to do it:

The Mee Mee Meme for Facebook:

 And, I did this little illustration because I'm a fan of The Three Stooges, and tonight saw the new Farrelly Bros.' film--and loved it!  It's 100% true.  You can NEVER replace the orignial Three Stooges; but, you can create a dang good close rendition in one of the best darned fan-films of the century!!  ANY Stooges fan would find themselves having tons of fun seeing this--real, honest to goodness laugh out loud moments.  Folks who haven't seen it can't possibly diss this movie until after they've viewed it.  And when you view it, there is no dissing to be had.  Good story, good characterizations, I love how they shot it...I'm very pleased.

Next up: You can return to your usual Muley fun stuff.  Stay 'tooned!

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