Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lexington Comic and Toy Convention Re-Cap

Wow!  We had a ton of fun at the Lexington, KY, Comic and Toy Convention last week.  It was a second year convention, one day, and 4,000 people!  It seemed more like 4,001-1/2 people.  Besides Muley being around, we hung out with Martheus Wade, Shawn Pryor and Jon Carroll.  Shawn Pryor was there to represent his company Action Lab Entertainment.  Comics and prints were the hot item that day.

The city was beautiful, very clean, and full of very nice folks.  The quality of service in the restaurants far exceeded anywhere we've been before, and the whole experience of the city was fantastic.

You can see images on the MAW Productions Facebook Page by clicking here.

You can join Muley's Facebook page by clicking here, or Kevin's by clicking here.

There were Mighty Morphin Power Rangers there which, of course, caused our own to become the Might Muley Power Ranger...

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