Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day 2012

We're a little late (actually VERY late) with our appreciation of Dr. King, Jr., post.

Peace.  Love.  Cooperation.  Understanding.  Acceptance.  Compassion.  When I think of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s messages these words come to mind.  Those words describe the measure of what we, as men and women, should endeavor to represent.

You know, I was lucky growing up!  I had a mom who loved me enough to show me how to love other people.  My grandparents taught me about loving others.  The people I had around me were all different than I was, so I could learn to see past skin color and see and know the person in that skin--those were the people I made my friends.  It becomes even most awesome to realize that, as an adult, I have such an array of friends--truly great people that I get to see on an every day basis--who are all so different from me and I embrace those differences because that is what makes those good friends such wonderful human beings.  I forego the thoughts of skin color, of nationality, of heritage, of background, of creed...and I go straight to the soul of who that person is and that is the part of them I love most of all.

Now, excuse me a moment while I get preachy, but I think we hear too often of folks who claim a certain religion, and yet they don't define that religion at all!  If you can't live with someone in this life because they are different than you, then how do you expect to live with them in the next life?  Jesus Christ surrounded himself, and made disiciples of, some of the lowest folks he could find.  If those kinds of folks are good enough for Jesus, shouldn't you be a little more willing to accept someone for their differences instead of demeaning or judging them?  I mention this because it's not too far stretched from Jesus' teachings that Martin Luther King, Jr., taught.  And when I think of Jesus' teachings, I think of a few words:  Peace.  Love.  Cooperation.  Understanding.  Acceptance.  Compassion.

I'm not saying MLK is Jesus; but, I'm saying that he was a powerful man, and still is, and his teachings were right on spot with what Jesus tried to tell people.  As far as I'm concerned, it couldn't hurt to be a little more like either of them!

So, now on to the closing:  As a kid growing up, I wanted to make a difference in how people accepted each other, so when you read a Muley comic strip or watch a puppet show, you'll notice that he's best friends with a dog and a duck, his cousins are a horse and a donkey, and his other friends are a cow, another duck and another dog.  And then there's Missy--we're still not sure what's going on there with her and Muley; but, the point is, that no matter how different your species, or skin color, may be you are still special and wonderful in your own way.  And, if these critters can get along as friends no matter how different they are in species or personality, can't we?

To have a pot of gold, one color; or to have a bunch of friends?  I choose the latter.

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