Thursday, November 10, 2011

Muley is visiting: MAW Productions Live Chat via Facebook! (and Muppets!)

Get ready, gang, because MAW Productions will be hosting a group chat this Friday, Nov. 11, at 9:00 pm Central Standard Time. If you are online and would like to chat with us for a while, lets talk. The topic will start off about how we got into self publishing, the future of MAW Productions and how have we stayed around so long. Plus, your takes on digital comics and the new 52 from DC. Click on the MAW logo below to visit the group facebook page and join up! Plus, 20+ visitors and Martheus Wade will post up old images of Jetta compared with images today. A picture even older than the one below from about 18 years ago!

 Our great pal Zach Haumesser found and posted these old drawings by Kevin from 12 years ago.  The images were part of the video game, Muppet Monster Adventure, and were submitted for fun without even expecting they were going to be a part of the actual game.  But, they're still fun to see!

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The MAW Productions discussion online was successful, and lots of great Jetta trivia was shared--tune in next week to see what else you can learn!