Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tools and Techniques: The Light Table

Way too long ago, I needed a light table and so that rendered me needing to construct one (because it is less costly).  The next big thing I had to do was to discover what items I needed:
-16x20 Picture Frame
-1x4" wood
-16x20" presswood
-Under-the-counter light
-White paint

I formed the 1x4" wood to fit the size of the wooden picture frame (leaving a notch underneath so the under-the-counter light cord can fit through it).  Next, I nailed the presswood for the bottom and then painted the entire inside white (to cause the light to reflect outward later).  Then, I nailed the frame (open side up so I can get into the light box later) to the 1x4" wood.  Next, I attached the under-the-counter light on the inside of the lightbox, closest to the side where I plan to do the majority of the drawing on it.  Finally, I added the picture frame on top (after taking the glass out).  It is positioned so I can replace the glass later (it is my suggestion to also get some plexiglass that can be placed under the glass--this is so you can use the glass to also cut things with an Xacto if needed, and the plexiglass supports the glass).

And for the grande finale, I painted the exterior blue and yellow, my "corporate colors."  The result: a light table that I've used since the early 1990's.

I hope that this information is helpful and lends you to making your own light table.  If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below or visit us on Facebook.


Growing up and in college, folks would tell me that I was drawing the trees all wrong.  In college is when the title "lollipop trees" first came into discussion about my round-top foliage on the thin body of the tree.  "No tree looks like this," the instructor told me in painting.  "Yes, it does," I replied.  "Charles Schulz draws the Kite-eating Tree this way.  If he does it, it exists." 

Nope, I was told it did not exist and I needed to work on my trees.  So, instead, I began doing something a little different.  But, recently and NOW I think I've changed my mind. 

You might say Lollipop Trees don't exist, but nature says they do!!

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