Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stormy Weather

So, with May 1, 2011, being  the first Sunday of the month and time for Muley's sermon at First Congregational Church, he told a message about storms because (as anyone knows right now) we have had some terrible storms in the Mid-South area, mainly floods.  Even our location has become a new Flood Zone which it wasn't before.

Many folks want to see what the flooded Memphis areas look like, and you can see if you check out our Storm Photo Album by clicking here.

So, the sound is (again) hard to hear and we've thus put the script on Muley's Facebook Notes, which you can read here.

And now, on to the video:

Want to hear the song by Vestal Goodman where the sermon comes from?  You can get it for only $.99 at by clicking here.  You can see her perform the song by clicking here.  Want to sing with her?  Now, you can:  Go here to see the lyrics!

Would you like your own book mark?  Well, here you go!

A quick story about storming:  Papa Roy used to tell us as a joke that if we didn't do something just right, he was going to "cloud up and rain all over ya!"

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