Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin! Kev did some paintings!

Here at Muley's Comix and Stories (yes, that little off-shoot of Kevin L. Williams Productions) would love to send out our happy 122nd birthday wish to Charlie Chaplin...not that he'll be able to see this on his computer or anything.

Still, his comedy has always been inspiring to us, and our appreciation for his life's work is as great today as it was when he was still around.

Completely under-rated, never appreciated enough, we could stand a genius like him in today's world!

Thanks for the laughs, Charlie Chaplin.


And we don't know why--it didn't do anything to him; but, he did produce his second ever abstract art piece as seen here.  All paintings are 20x16" and acrylic.
Then, folks will remember a piece he painted back in 2009 called "The Woe and Despair of Charlie Brown," (seen at bottom) will now be interested in the companion piece painted 2011 titled "Lucy's 'Crabby is as Crabby Does" painting.

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Joseph Scarbrough said...

Great paintings Kev, great job!