Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Earthquake Relief

Natural disasters are horrible. Especially something like this. It seems as bad or worse than the Haiti earthquake, but more than likely because there is a nuclear reactor melt down. All we can see is that there is horror galore with the loss of life and property. Nobody should ever have to suffer this.

Another thing we don't want to see people suffer is loss of their money when they are trying to help. Lots of folks lost money to fake charities during the Hurricane Katrina and Haiti efforts. To help our friends (you, the reader) we are offering links to the Better Business Bureau because it is good business to work through charities that will do what they say.

That said, the devastation that has happened in Japan due to the earthquake has burdened our hearts and we wish only the best for the people of that country. We are also concerned about others who will care about what has happened there and who will want to make a donation to the relief efforts that is and will be happening there. To protect you, we have done a little research via the Better Business Bureau hoping to help you better help Japan.

Tips for Giving to Earthquake Relief in Japan
Five Mistakes to Avoid when Giving to a Charity
A List of Trustworthy Charities (with links to the different organizations)

Hopefully, you will be able to find more information that will be helpful in giving help to the Japanese earthquake relief efforts.

And, if you're bound by your political beliefs and refuse to help, please look at this video and at the face of the innocent child. To think of the lives lost in this terrible act of nature and that many of them are children should help you forget what fetters you put upon yourself so you might do something to help the relief efforts.

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