Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bully Problem

In Muley's Universe (or the MuleyVerse) there is a big bully: Eddie Bubba. If you ever read Muley's Comix and Stories Issue 1, you saw that there is a story called Eddie Bubba's Baby Brother, who is actually as big as Eddie Bubba. The character, though, is created after a guy who towered over all the rest of us back in grade school.

During the years at Potts Camp High School in Mississippi, there was a bully named Derek (to keep from a lawsuit, I won't say his last name; but, if you're reading this Derek, I still think you're a jerk). He even picked up a kid smaller than me (in my same grade) by the neck--one handed!--and threw him several feet away.

One day, I had all I could stand. With my friends standing nearby, I called him on being a bully. I told him, as it is with bullies, that he really is weak of mind and strength and that is why he picks on people smaller than him. I told him that his own low self esteem was why he had to be bigger and badder than everyone else and if he met up with the right person he would get his rear handed to him!

The outcome? Exactly the same as what you see happening to Muley here...

In the true story, though, I didn't go to the fight. I found it is easier to run from guys bigger than me than to stand up to them. It's how I've lived this long!

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