Sunday, October 31, 2010

Muley is "Smooth" with Muley-Mini's and More


Muley was able to perform the Santana/Rob Thomas song "Smooth" at the First Congo talent show on October 18 with much success and fun! Mark Allen, a fantastic guitar player, was there as well. After Muley performed, Mark leaned over to our pastor and asked, "I have to follow that?" We told him later, "At least you played your guitar for real--Muley is only acting." The following pictures came from the church newsletter. Special thanks to Muley's ASSistants DaMarco Randle and Kevin Williams.

You get both with Muley, a talking mule! Don't forget that November 5 & 6 you will be able to find Muley the Mule joining the team from MAW Productions and Jetta from "Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa" at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention.

Now, you can enjoy Muley more often.
Whereas the comic strips are created by drawing them in #2 pencil on 7x17" pieces of Bristol, then inked using a Windsor & Newton Series 7 sable brush and Black India Ink (or technical pens, or both), and then the pencils erased with a white Magic Rub eraser--then scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop, where we also add colors and sometimes letters (we're beginning to try hand-lettering)...and who knows what else goes into making the comic strip; Muley-Mini's are little quick-sketched comics that take closer to a minute than 3 or 4 hours ("mini" in this title stands for both small and 'minute'). Sometimes they'll have color, sometimes not.
In this instance, we've submitted the following two for your Halloween Enjoyment:

And now, some new comic strips including (as far as I know) the first SuperMule comic strip on the web!

Don't forget, you can also find Muley the Mule and Friends on Facebook!

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