Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Music and More!


Muley helped Juan Salter with the childrens' sermon at First Congregational Church on Easter Sunday. When asked if anyone made mistakes, all the kids clammed up except Muley who admitted, "I made a mistake once; I thought a cool experiment might be to see if I could flush the whole roll at once." Juan asked, "It made a big mess, didn't it?" Muley replied, "Well, sure!" Juan inquired, "Did Kevin get mad at you and leave you alone?" "No," Muley said, "he helped me clean up the mess." Juan answered, "Just how, when we make mistakes, God is there to help us through our mess and he never forgets us."

It was a sweet sermon and the kids enjoyed it.


One of our new cast members for our show at Screaming Tiki Con, "Muley's Tiki Talent Revue." Although Muley failed to note where TV Theme Song Singing Opera Singer comes from, we do know that his mother shortened his name: originally it was The Television Theme Song Singing Opera Singer.

Be sure to come to Screaming Tiki Con in the second weekend of June to meet the team of Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa, Muley, TV Theme Song Singing Opera Singer, and see the Talent Revue!

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