Monday, November 2, 2009

That Darn Cat!

Well, everyone knows that I hate cats. I've never liked them. They make me itch and sneeze, and watery eyes and sinuses are horrible. They gross me out to see them eat, and when compared to many dogs they are just plain ugly. Everyone knows this, right?

Well, not long ago my roomie and I came back from a jaunt to the local store. We pull up into the driveway and unload the car, and on one trip to the car I notice a kitten looking out from underneath it. This kitten has decided to see what the humans are up to! So, I kneel down and click my tongue and meow trying to get his attention. Some many minutes later, here he comes.

I play with the kitten a bit, and so does my roomie. The kitten climbs up into my lap and just purrs and loves on me, and I keep petting him while photos are taken. But, a storm is brewing and I don't want to just leave this kitten outside.

So, I tell Marco, my roomie, that we can probably put him in the back bathroom, but just for tonight, because I don't want cats in the house. I hate them. Later in the evening, Marco comes to the back bathroom and looks over the cardboard wall I had constructed to keep the cat from getting loose in the house, and there he finds me on the floor petting this kitten.

"How's the cat doing?" He asked.

I replied, "Casper is doing fine."

WHAT?! I just named the cat. WHY?! Why did I do that? And you know what they say about any animal you name...

"Oh, heck," I said, "get your shoes on. We need to go get him a collar, food, bed, and toys."

When you name, them, you have to keep them. Here is a few recent pictures of my pet cat, Casper.

And now, just because I think it's cute:

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