Friday, October 16, 2009

A Demon of a Film, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Pays Off

Everyone knows that I am a paranormal researcher and have had experiences (which you can read about here), that I am a huge Ghostbusters fan, and that ‘I ain’t afraid o’ no ghost.’ For years, I’ve wished for a movie that plays on your psyche rather than works on trying to scare you with blood and gore like Freddy Kruger and his ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ or Jason Voorhees on ‘Friday the 13th,’ or even Halloween with Mike Myers. I’ve always wished for something that, when you watch it, you keep in the back of your mind as you walk down your dark hall at night thinking, “That could happen, it could happen to me, and it could happen in this dark hall.” There isn’t ever a movie that really makes me go “Wha’th’?!”

Paranormal Activity did.

While I’m not having nightmares or scared in my halls, the film was shot in a way that you think it’s an actual documentary and you WILL BE surprised by what goes on in the movie. Someone did their research on ghosts and demons, and I can’t really tell more about the movie without giving away the things that will shock you.

I will suggest that you see the movie trailer here.


While we're on the subject of demons, I'm happy to say that the demon, Willie Herenton, is no
longer mayor of Memphis, Tennessee, but our new Memphis City Mayor, A. C. Wharton, has taken the helm! I've been a supporter of his since forever.
He's kind, polite, intelligent, sensible, and classy! Herenton was NEVER any of that, having threatened to meet a news reporter outside to fight once (the only class that equals is low class--right along side of redneck). I really look forward to the years ahead with A. C. Wharton and wish him much success. Memphis is finally moving in a right direction.

Here, you see Muley and, at the time Shelby County Mayor, A. C. Wharton at a Ronald McDonald House event near Cooper/Young Historic Intersection in Memphis, TN.

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