Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hi, there! I'm still pushing folks toward Issue One of the relaunch of Muley's Comix and Stories. If you haven't got it yet, you should. It's a great book. To not get it is to miss out on some hilarity. In this book there is a great biography about Muley the Mule, two stories where Muley comes face-to-face with a bully and what it means to raise a pet.

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This book also has a few other comic strips with non-Muley cast and photographic comic strips. These are pretty rare to see me do and won't appear in any future Muley books.

Something I wanted to do was share a few stories about some of the comic strips that appear in Issue One. I'll be doing this sporadically through the future and try to add new stuff here as well to discuss.

The strip I'd like to tell you about today is this'un:

Folks have asked me: "Where do comic strip ideas come from?"

Well, sometimes the ideas stem from something you've read or seen, other times by role-playing ideas with your characters in your head, but in this particular strip's case the idea came from a
conversation I had with a friend of mine named Dawn while visiting her house.

She always had this wonderful brass lamp--that looked like Aladdin's lamp--on her mantle board and I would always walk over and rub it (hoping for a genie). Anyway, near the lamp one day I saw a fish in a little jar and I asked about it. In this strip, Muley is me and Hector Horse is Dawn.

Although, in the strip Hector looks at Muley trying to figure if he's being serious or not while Dawn's reaction was to laugh after she had realized my stupid, obscure joke. It is one of my favorite strips because it always reminds me of a wonderful friend and a fun story.

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