Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day 2 - January 20, 2011

So, Memphis had its second big Snow Day today, snow mixed with rain and dropping to 19 degrees tonight, meaning we'll have ice everywhere on the streets tomorrow. While we're posting this, you can bet the grocery stores are raking in the dough on folks rushing out to buy bread, milk, eggs, and other things they can't make a full meal from!

But, we made a SnowMule! Did you? If not, be sure to do that tomorrow and share your pictures with us! In the meantime, to see our pictures, click on the picture below!


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Joseph Scarbrough said...

Knoxville just had it's eigth big snow of the season... and even though this seems highly unusual for the south, according to all the meteorologists, this is SUPPOSED to be normal for us, we've just haven't had conditions like this since the 70s. O.O