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"The Green Hornet" and "Are You Ready For Spring To Be Sprung?"

The Green Hornet: A Review

When I think of springtime, I think of things that are green. And when I think of green, I always think of my friend Kermit the Frog. And you know what else I think of?

Okay, well, not The Green Mulet and Cat-o; but, I do think of The Green Hornet! Do you know much history of the characters? If so, don't go to the movie expecting what you know. The film, starring and written by Seth Rogan, is absolutely a Seth Rogan film--he is who you know him to be, playing the character he always plays, so don't expect a heroic Green Hornet at all.

And knowing what I know, that Britt Reid is a descendent of The Lone Ranger, Reid should be heroic. It's okay to start as party-boy; but, I want character development and by the end of the film he has a change of heart, owns up to his actions and reactions, and ends up a hero! You can tell by this that Seth Rogan did not write Britt Reid to fall into this kind of character. (There is an homage to The Lone Ranger figured in when Kato is pouring silver bullets!)
The film's true stars, Kato and The Black Beauty, are everything you know and expect! Kato is brilliant, able to do anything, strong, fast-thinking and a heckuva fighter! He creates The Black Beauty and this car (or these cars) are every bit a beauty for sure, answering to their every need.
Edward James Olmos is in the film, and he portrays a great father-figure character. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to act on that portrayal too much because Rogan has written Reid to be more stand-offish than is necessary and causes more trouble than good.
Knowing what I know about The Green Hornet, I feel that another writer and actor than Rogan would have been a great to tend to this project. I almost feel as shot in the foot as I did when "What's-his-face" screwed up "Will Eisner's The Spirit." BUT! If you don't know anything about The Green Hornet, or are a fan of Rogan's--and here is where I become contradictory of myself--or, you go to the movie knowing what you know about The Green Hornet and plan to just have a good time, good fun, and expect a Seth Rogan movie, it's a fantastic film!
I did have fun! I was able to escape reality for a little while, and the characters were actually fun to watch. I am a HUGE fan of Kato's performer, Jay Chou, as well. Kato is a cool character, but Chou is just a slick dude!
So, what would have made it better? Add in a lot of this French Fan Film of The Green Hornet.

Now, a rant: What is the big deal with 3D? It's boring. I wear uncomfortable glasses to watch something that normally costs more to see and not much of it was even 3D! It's unnecessary. 3D is junk to me and should be showing in "limited theaters," not normal movies. I will gladly take a normal movie any day of the week. But, please keep the surround sound!
I'll post my thoughts about movie-going on another day.
But, for now, here is my good buddy and guest reviewer, DaMarco Randle with his review.
The Green Hornet, in general was a good movie. Seth Rogan should have been more athletic instead of letting Jay Chou do all the work. The casting directors could of done a better job; actually, Seth could have cast someone better for the role. Also, he could have been more knowledgeable in the Martial Arts field. There were equal amounts of explosions, people crushing, shooting and fight scenes. To be honest it was kind of predictable. I would like to see a movie where you cannot guess what is going to happen next. A movie like INCEPTION.

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