Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Belated Happy New Year!

Muley, as you know, was named on January 1, 1980. So, not only Happy New Year's wishes to everyone we know, but also a Happy Birthday to our favorite mule!

With high hopes of great things to come from the MuleyVerse in 2011 and a higher hopes of entertaning you into fits of giggles and huge smiles, we wish all the best blessings in bountiful measures upon all readers and everyone they know and everyone they know -- infinity! -- for 2011, and forever.

By the way, there are fifteen 2010 Christmas Cards left, so if you would like one send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (that can fit a 4x6" card in it) to:
KLWP/Christmas Card
POB 770397
Memphis, TN 38177


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