Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kev's Involved in Other Folks' Business Again!

Okay, so you know we like to get all up in people's business--in a good way. When we found out that Alex and Todd were planning to get married and were entering a contest to win the engagement ring of a life-time, we had to help.

The contest required that they share a story and submit a comic strip about that story:
Alex was at home one day when Todd comes in from Rugby practice and offers to show her how they tackle. He reaches down and grabs her around the knees, lifting her into the air. Of course, you wouldn't pay much attention to the fact that dangling from the ceiling is a full-blast ceiling fan, right? So, he lifts her up and the blades of the fan begin to smack her. Painful at the time, funny to think about now.
But, when tasked with creating a comic strip you can only imagine how it ends in our version:

Okay, so she didn't lose her head, there was no blood, but it was funny regardless.
Unfortunately, misunderstanding of the rules about the deadline caused them to be tardy with the submission and they lost the contest. :( Regardless, here's hoping for a great marriage one day!

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