Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Superman Celebration - June 8 - 11, 2017 - Schedule

It's time to put your underwear on the outside of your pants and tie your cape around your neck, it's time for Superman Celebration 2017!!  Special Super Guests this year are:
Dean Cain
James Marsters
Margot Kidder
Sarah Douglas
John Ostrander

When darkness descends upon the City of Metropolis, there's only one hero that can don his cape, fly down into the city, and bring about justice!!

Superman.  Yeah, yeah.  You thought we were going to say SuperMule.

But, SuperMule won't be far behind.  So, keep your eyes peeled for him!  Here's the schedule for Superman Celebration 2017:

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Friday, June 9:
11am - Puppet-making workshop with Kevin L. Williams
4pm - Muley and Friends Show

Saturday, June 10:
10am - Puppet-making workshop with Kevin L. Williams
2pm - Muley and Friends Show

Here's what to expect:
-All of our presentations are family-friendly and fun!
-After a brief introduction about what puppetry and its history, we gather around a table full of great items to create our unique and one-of-a-kind sock puppets.
-Come sing and dance along with Muley the Mule and Friends as they bring some good tunes back from the dark ages of music history.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Muley's Kids' Messages - First Congregational (January - July)

We're ready to share this first half-year schedule for Muley's visits to First Congregational Church, where he is now also a member.  Possibly the first Fabricated-American member of this very diverse church!

The kids' messages that are shared at First Congo are not just for the kids; but, also for their adults.  It's an opportunity to parents to continue the lesson in conversations with the kids even after church, reinforcing the lesson taught and learned.  As with anything being taught children.  It helps for parents to remain active with their children during any lessons to be taught from school, church, educational television...

While church services begin at 10:30 am, there is a meet-and-greet with members in the upstairs cafe at 10 am.

After church, be sure to stay in Midtown and visit one of the following restaurants which help the Food Ministry feed the hungry community (nearly 500 people per week!):
Strano Sicilian Kitchen & Bar
Celtic Crossing
Panera Bread

Other supporters not near the church:
Deja Vu
Whole Foods

January 29:  Kevin and Muley
February 26:  Kevin and Muley
March 19:  Kevin and Muley
April 23:  Kevin and Muley
May 21:  Kevin and Muley
June 18 (father's day):  Kevin and Muley
July 16:  Kevin and Muley

Photo by Angela Moore