Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksiving - Part 3

So far, the attempt at keeping the pet turkey from being eaten has been a success...mainly because (around here) we don't eat pet turkeys!

Someone asked me recently, "What was that dinner in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?" Well, it was prepared by Snoopy and included buttered toast, jelly beans, popcorn and pretzel sticks. YUMMY! The after effects being more sugar-high than a tryptophan-low.

So, using the comments section below: what are you thankful for? How will you spend Thanksgiving?

I'll be spending the holiday with my extended family! We gather together and eat, eat, eat! Hopefully, your meal will be plentiful, your time together will be the stuff memories are made of, and happiness will be yours on this day and every day!


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