Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jetta: Last Chances - IN COLOR!

I have this from my pal whose book I edit:

We at MAW Productions have always believed that you know that you are doing something right when your work is copied by multiple sources. Well, it seems that our first graphic novel, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa – Last Chances has been pirated and distributed on the web without our permission.

At first, we were pretty upset. However, we decided to get something out of it while rewarding our readers. So, starting in April, we will be releasing Jetta: Last Chances on the web in one page at a time. This time, in full color. For long time readers, this will be a treat to see the book you have in your collection in full color. For new readers, this is your opportunity to read our very first comic. This is the perfect chance to get in on the start of an adventurous ninja ride. For the “Pirates” out there, you’ve now got official competition. So, let the adventure begin.


The Toshigawa clan has long guarded and ruled Japan from the shadows. Now, one of the clan’s former members has become emperor of Japan and wants to destroy the remaining members of the Toshigawa clan, including his own daughter, Shianndrea! But before she can flee to America, she has to deal with the formidable Desai – and rumors that her sensei is a traitor! Don’t miss this hard to find 80 page first issue of the TOSHIGAWA SAGA. Written by: Martheus Wade Inks by: Janet Wade Illustrations by: Martheus Wade Colors by: Gareth Melvin Editor: Kevin Williams

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