Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day. Bert & Ernie Gay?

January 28, 2010, found the City of Memphis under a few inches of snow, sleet and ice. I suppose that sleet is ice, but it settled into a sheet of ice. Then, there was slush. Not the kind you drink, but the yucky kind that is made in the streets. So, of course I've got these pictures to share.

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I've always been made moody by the silly rumors about Bert and Ernie being gay. After all, not only are they puppets, but characters on a children's program. Seriously, do you think something like this would be a topic on a kid's show? Would you let your kid watch a show with such a topic? Of course not! So, to put the matters to rest, I've taken the official 1993 statement of (then) Children's Television Workshop which not only debunks the gay rumor, but also the rumor that Ernie would be retired after Jim Henson's death.
Here is the letter, statement, and newspaper articles from Sesame Street's producers.

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