Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 Celebrity Waiter Night Follow-up

A special thanks to Richard Meeks for his assistance with Muley at this event. DaMarco Randle performed as photographer extraordinaire again. The event was full and fun, we met really nice people, and the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis still needs donations which can be given by clicking on their banner below.

Even before Muley got indoors, several people stopped him and made donations to the event out in the parking lot. One guy drove up in a truck and handed out a $12 donation!

A banner on the interior of The Half Shell restaurant
on Winchester Road, Memphis, TN.

Muley poses with Fox 13's Leon Griffin and Tom Dees
and wrestling's Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Kev and Muley pose with Muley's Official
Girlfriend, Felicia!

There's good news all the time, and Muley
met a group of lukemia survivors!

Everyone was involved in gathering donations.

Roxanne Lemmon was there, too.

Muley poses next to a banner of one of the world's best
radio stations in the world!

15 Days In The Rubble
I saw on the news today that a young woman was found 15 days after the quake ALIVE! There was no word how she survived. I hurt thinking of those who won't make it, but cheer for those who do. Still, their country is a long, long way away from getting where it needs to be. Among that, the food rations are certainly low. You can click the link below to donate to the Haiti Relief charity that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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