Friday, April 1, 2011

"Muley's Talent-less Revue" Show

So, what exactly is "Muley's Talent-Less Revue" all about?  If you click on the logo, you'll certainly find out--maybe more than you wanted to know!

Stay tuned here to see when we'll be performing the program!

The show features the performers creator Kevin L. Williams along with MAW Productions' Martheus Wade and Janet Wade, and artist extraordinaire DaMarco Randle.

A while back, Muley wanted to create a program to showcase talent from around the world.  Being a 6-year-old with no budget to travel around the world to search for these acts, he had to settle for what he could get!
The acts were found with the help of his best pals, Buford the Dog, Roy Duck and Missy Mule.
  • From the lounges of Transyl-Vegas comes Frankie Steinatra.
  • From the Italian city of Dressing comes the TV Theme Song Singing Opera Singer.
  • From the dark depths of Purgatory comes Death, dealing high spirited humor.
  • From the bogs of Louisiana comes the most fearsome favorite of Holiday Spirits, Santa Fish.
We present to you:
But, with a show that has Muley and Missy working together on it, let's hope they can keep the show going before they go to battle!
A 20-minute spectacle of humor and song, "Muley's Talent-less Revue" is a family pleaser, adults and kids alike will enjoy seeing, singing along, and dancing with Muley the Mule and Friends!
Stay tuned for information about meeting the cast and characters after each show.  You can learn more at
The critics say:
"The show is fixed!" - Missy Mule
"It's the show to bark about!" - Buford the Dog
"Everyone will want to waddle down to the show." -Roy Duck
"I like it." - Muleton Mule, Jr.
Written, Directed and Created by Kevin L. Williams
All characters, names, titles and logos (C) Kevin L. Williams Productions
Muleton Mule, Jr.
Missy Mule
Buford the Dog
Roy Duck
Pascha Dog
Bernetta Duck
Frankie Steinatra
Santa Fish
The TV Theme Song Singing Opera Singer
Starring Right-hands:
Kevin L. Williams
Martheus Wade
Janet Wade
DaMarco Randle

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