Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiki Con - Chapter 1: The Trip

It's taken a little while, but I hope to have a frequent update on the trip to Niles, OH, and Tiki Con. Muley & Co. and the MAW Productions team went to visit old friends, make new friends, and have some really great panel discussions--we'll touch on all that soon.

First, let's discuss the trip and show some pictures (not necessarily in order). There were a few times near Louisville where it was a little worse than driving in Memphis; and then roads in Ohio were a bit confusing (details below). Here, you see me at the wheel. I have a tendency to talk a lot and look at the person I'm talking to...

In this case, it was passenger DaMarco Randle.

So, you get Martheus Wade and I together and you will have an adventure. Anytime we leave anywhere together and at the same time, it is an adventure. Let me explain:

At one point, we were traveling north on an Ohio highway, and a digital sign beneath an overpass read "Accident Ahead, Detour Now." So, we follow traffic on the off-ramp and are heading east. After a long time we see nothing but woods and plains, so we turned around and go west over the bypass to a McDonald's. The guy there tells us to turn out right (headed west again) and then take another right (headed north) on the road by the town hall. We did. We did that and all on this trip will testify to the truth of this: We ended up SOUTH of the bypass that told us to detour, and now there is no sign and no accident and traffic is flowing freely. No joke. We were in the Twilight Zone!

These pictures aren't in order since the "Welcome to Tennessee" image would be on the trip home, but this represents the states we visited except for New York which (somehow) we missed that sign!

We ain't Harold and Kumar, but we ate at White Castle. It's the same as Krystal's in Memphis. Nothing to holler home about.

But, I was hungry and it was good.

Marco likes french fries, oui he do.

So, that's a recap of the trip so far. Stay 'tooned for more updates in pictures coming here soon!
Photos by DaMarco Randle and Kevin L. Williams

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