Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Kitty, Dang It!

So, my roomie, Marco, and I are travelling home and he gasps. Apparently, I almost hit a kitten that I never even saw--it was sitting on side of the road. Well, I wanted to leave and let nature take its course; but, you know me: I couldn't. So, we made a big U-Turn in the street to go back, and I saw him up in the grass then. One more big U-Turn and we pulled up beside him. Thanks to Marco and a little towel I had in the car we coaxed him to come with us (even though he originally hissed at us). He meowed the whole time he was sitting there, when we got him and brought him home.

He was filthy--dirt in his ears, nose, starving, thirsty...dinner and a bath later, he's pretty much made himself at home. Here I am, like Snoopy, a mortal enemy of cats; but, what am I gonna do? Now, I have TWO! GOOD GRIEF!

I see him sleep and he twitches as if having nightmares and I think to myself: He must, sitting on side of the road--so tiny a creature--watching these horrible big giant metal machines zipping by him at 45 - 50 miles per hour; hungry, thirsty, dirty. I wonder how many other animals there are out there that are being treated inconsiderately and homeless. Makes me a little sad.
Anyway, we can spay and neuter our pets (thanks, Bob Barker), but not much to do about people.

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Unknown said...

thanks for saving one!
by the way, i found you on YouTube, and sent your birthday song to a young lady celebrating her 2nd birthday today.