Friday, October 9, 2009

Some Updates

Hi, everyone,

I have a few new updates now that the MSCA Art Show has been completed. I hope to have photos online soon of the works I had in the "Nightmare on Broad Avenue" show as well as one in a small office at West Memorials up the road.

One of the most popular pieces I had was a portrait of Cookie Monster. Click on his name to see progression photos of the completion of that painting (if the images don't open fully, you can double-click on the image and it will).

One of the other items I had in the show was something I've wanted to make since childhood: The Pink Panther Diamond. It is based on the 1960's version in the Peter Sellers' film.

I had a nice friend e-mail me for an update about my poison ivy and to check on me about my grandfather (his birthday was observed yesterday, Oct. 8). I have posted information about the poison ivy in the Muley Forums.

In the meantime:

Happy Birthday, Papa Roy.

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